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Godox X2T-C TTL Wireless Flash Trigger for Canon

Works like a charm. I bought this in a pinch and wasn't sure it would live up to the hype, but it quickly became my go to trigger.

The Godox X2T-C TTL Wireless Flash Trigger for Canon feature Bluetooth Connection, 1/8000s HSS, 5 Separate Group Buttons, Relocated Control-Wheel, New Hotshoe Locking & a New AF Assist Light.

The Godox X2T is the second generation of the X1T trigger and has many new features. With buttons to select specific groups and built-in Bluetooth for smartphone power control. Godox X2 Series TTL wireless flash trigger can work with Godox camera flashes, outdoor flashes and studio flashes with built-in Godox X wireless radio system. X2 achieves stable, reliable and effective real-time signal transmission which makes it a good choice for photographers who have various lighting demands.


  • Quick Access Group Buttons

  • Fast Group Management

  • Built-in Bluetooth for Smartphone APP Control

  • Pro 1/10th of a Stop Manual Precision

  • Option of Fraction of Full or Whole Number Power Range Readout

  • Mac and PC Firmware Updatable

  • Larger Main Control Dial

  • Global and Individual Modeling Light Power Control

  • Audio Function Control Via Individual Groups

  • High Sync Delay Setting Menu Option

  • Updated Display and Functions

  • ALL Button - Adjusts Manual Groups, Only

  • Slide clamp hotshoe lock

  • Clear Channel Scan for purest signal strength

If you're looking to add an additional trigger to your setup, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

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